Patient Stories

Our Current Featured Story

Rufus is a 50 year old man who was experiencing palpitations and dizziness that were unable to be diagnosed through his normal physician office visits. Rufus’s physician prescribed a looping cardiac event monitor from Cardiostaff. After just a few days, Rufus experienced his symptoms, recorded his event, and contacted Cardiostaff for analysis. The licensed paramedic on call quickly identified the cause of his symptoms and immediately contacted Rufus’s physician. Cardiostaff’s team of technicians and Rufus’s cardiologist confirmed that Rufus had a potentially life threatening arrhythmia and coordinated a trip to the emergency room. The Cardiostaff team tracked Rufus down on his cell phone and immediately sent him and the interpreted results directly to the emergency room for treatment. Within the next hour, Rufus was rushed into the catheterization lab for an invasive procedure to treat his ventricular arrhythmia. In the days and weeks to come, Cardiostaff continued to monitor Rufus’s post procedure heart activity and were happy to report that the symptoms of his life threatening arrhythmia had diminished significantly and that his heart rhythm had returned to normal.

Following Rufus’s experience with Cardiostaff, he wrote to thank Cardiostaff for the excellent care he had received. He replied that “the technicians were patient and courteous and that they literally saved my life. The Cardiostaff technicians went above and beyond by taking my cell phone number and getting me to the ER. They saved my life. I will NEVER forget their impact on my life and my quality of life.”

Cardiostaff is proud to have helped Rufus’s physician in the identification and treatment of his life threatening arrhythmia. We will continue to provide the very best in clinical and customer support to each and every one of our monitored patients.

At Cardiostaff, we Take Our Responsibility To Heart™